European Market Entry

Scale your Fintech in Europe

Is it time to expand your business into Europe?

Your business has great traction. In your domestic market, you have a good product, a growing customer base, and secured funding. Now is the time to scale into international markets.

Europe represents a compelling market for technology businesses, and a great opportunity for significant growth.

Throughout the recent global uncertainty, lockdowns and Brexit, the UK has remained the strongest location to enter the European market for north American companies looking for growth. There is a cultural and commercial affinity built on our shared histories, which we couple with our deep understanding of business across Europe.

Meta-Morphix is a market entry accelerator for FinTech businesses entering Europe. Meta-Morphix has developed a methodology for successful market entry, refined through over twenty years of execution, and we optimise this to the specific needs of your business.

We connect you with the potential clients and partners you need to ensure your market position. We shorten time to market, at reduced investment and risk, delivering profitable, long-term commercial relationships with customers, partners and government trade departments.

Why Meta-Morphix?

Team Experience

We are a passionate team with senior leadership experience in financial services and technology.  Our leadership team has set up and scaled over 10 technology businesses in the last 20 years.

Award Winning

We secure business for our clients, and win multiple industry awards on their behalf, enhancing their credibility and presence in the market.


Our clients’ success is our success. Our relationship with our clients is one of partnership, we work as an extension of your company, representing ourselves as a key part of your business.

At Meta-Morphix, our passion is helping clients and their teams thrive.

We’ve built Meta-Morphix to enable growth-stage FinTechs to rapidly scale internationally. Working as an extension of your business, we validate the product market fit, identify potential clients, partners and government relationships, and we secure business, whilst meeting all necessary regulatory and compliance requirements for each country.

We give you immediate, professional presence and credibility in Europe.

The Meta-Morphix Methodology

Meta-Morphix Delivers

Market Validation

Overview of market, product-market fit, market size, competitor analysis, market trend analysis. Understand customer priorities and drivers.

Market Entry Plan

Translate your business model to European markets, structure the business operationally and commercially, manage regulatory compliance procedures, define the resources and support needed to launch.

Commercial Introduction

We have worked with most of the leading financial Institutions in Europe and can accelerate introductions into those organisations, at the right level.

Lead Generation

Financial Institutions are complex and multifaceted organisations, we build out profiles, identify the key influencers and decision makers, and engage directly with them.

Events Engagement

We prioritise the optimum FinTech events in Europe. Select the ideal ones to speak at, and those for networking and customer engagement.


Together with direct sales engagement, relationships can be partners key to successful market entry. We identify and engage with those who align closest to your goals.


We can provide an immediate business address and phone number to add you your website to highlight your international presence.

M&A Support

Assess potential companies for acquisition to help accelerate market presence. We undertake business analysis and commercial due diligence to help validate the opportunity and manage the transition on successful completion.

Team Development

As we meet key milestones, these can be triggers hiring the local team. We use our network and key professional recruiters to build out the team in-country.

About Meta-Morphix

Meta-Morphix was created in 2013 by our founder and Managing Director, Robert Fillmore. Over a 25 year career, Robert has set up and led the EMEA and APAC operations of 8 north American tech businesses across telecoms and FinTech, growing some of these business units to revenues of $20m to $40m and teams of 110 people. Several of these companies were acquired by leading tech giants.

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